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What do I wear during a visit?
For the most part, we need to see and have contact with the areas of your body that we are working with, generally the back side of your neck, mid-back, or lower back. During routine treatment/followup visits, females would typically put on a patient gown, after removing their top, dress, or other garments that might be in the way. Bras and undergarments stay on, and the gown is full coverage in the front, and open as needed on the back. Males will generally remove their shirts, and loosen their wasteband. Loose fitting clothing may be more comfortable. Some patients wear/bring gym shorts to put on. Basically, we appreciate modesty, and respect your privacy; we only need to access areas appropriate to treat your condition. As a new patient to our office, we may need to examine areas, related to your complaints, which will not need to be examined again, so the degree of undress may be more extensive on this visit than on others.
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