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How often should I see a chiropractor?
The answer is different for each individual. This depends on many factors: how severe your problem is, how long you've had it, your general physical condition, age, occupation, etc.. Each case must be handled as an individual. In our office, the emphasis is to "find the problem, fix the problem, and then leave it alone", whenever possible. Your body shoiuld have a great ability to take care of itself, with little outside help. In some cases, a person may have suffered, or is continuing to suffer, a problem which has become a permanent/persistent issue. Those patients generally benefit from some degree of ongoing care. We would consider this on an individual basis. Chiropractic care is helpful for your body to continue to function as intended, and to take care of itself. Everyone should see their chiropractor often enough to ensure that physical problems are not going to get in the way of living a full, healthy life. For some patients this may mean being seen regularly. This will be discussed with you individually.
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